SHPC's Collection


This stunning etched botanical print takes on a modern twist or an austere traditional look depending on the fusion of colour.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower design is a classical damask brought to life with scale and colour.


The timeless elegance of stripes has been reinvigorated with new combinations of colours. Available in narrow and wide stripes.


This popular, ephemeral symbol breathes with life through wallpaper and the magical addition of 3D wings.


The Marigold design has a whimsical simplicity about it. The loose line drawings of the Marigold flower seem to dance across the wall.


Based on the Christmas Beetle species, the wallpaper design has a striking effect in each of the very different colour-ways.


The Banksia design is a traditional Australian botanical print that has been over scaled and modernized with the use of metallic treatments.


Transform and infuse your work or living space with bold simplicity. Calm confidence in form and style, with which to breathe ideas anew.

Grass Weave

Evoked by the beauty and elegance of traditional African hand woven grass baskets. A beautifully sophisticated, organic design.


Inspired by traditional Mehndi designs and the colours of India, this wallpaper is fit for a princess (or indeed a prince).

Nairobi Dusk

Drawn from the night skies of Kenya, where on the open plains the horizons stretch into the furthest distance and become one with the star lit sky.

Narrow Stripes

Our classic stripes range has been increased to include new opulent, moody metallics and satins, updated monochromatic black and white, crisp nautical navy and white, and new bold and fun brights.

Wide Stripes

A new sophisticated and carefully considered colour range for our unique and elegant wide stripe.